Add sound to print promotions, cards, invitations, presentations or point of purchase displays!

Recordable Sound Modules, Self Recordable Sound Chips, Programmed Sound Modules and Programmed Sound Chips will add attention grabbing sound to your promotional materials, audio greeting cards, event invitations, mail advertisement, or point of purchase displays, with product from Clever Sound Promotions.

*Cards with Sound and Sound Modules Capture Immediate Attention!

We create promotional custom sound cards that unlike other marketing materials allow you to talk directly to your customers. Reach your customers with this innovative mass marketing tool that gets the attention of your audience to relay exciting business promotions and announcements with sound. Communicate your brand by including your slogan, sound effect, theme tune, tag lines and more.


*Entertain, Educate and introduce your product creatively with talking point of purchase displays

Make some noise and get your customers attention! Use a unique audio message or sound customized to meet the needs of your product or brand with this powerful tool to drive sales and educate your customer. This is an excellent point of purchase display for a shelf, table and/or wall. The premium voice boxes included with these displays can either be controlled with an on-board push button or by motion sensors.


*Stand Out from Your Competitors! Direct Mail with sound talks directly to your customer!

When you need your product noticed immediately, there is no better way to send your message than an audio mailing tube. Customers will be attracted to something unique in their mailboxes. Get your mailer noticed, create intrigue and give your marketing material the ultimate wow factor with mailing tubes that speak to your customer once opened!


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As leaders in promotional campaigns and products, Clever Sound Promotions specializes in quality, customized sound greeting cards and other sound modules and sound chips. Our personalized talking sound modules, stock talking cards, talking mailing tubes, sound chips, talking promo ideas and video point of purchase products with sound are unique marketing ideas and tools for businesses and/or special events for your loved ones. We carry an array of products that encourage creativity and allow full self-expression while creating an unforgettable experience. These cards and products are becoming highly popular among our clients who continue to boast of sales increase and a general strengthening of their product promotion and business. Whether you want to add sound to your print promos, invitations for all occasions or point of purchase displays with sound products, we are your number one source for business promotions and sound chips.

Add WOW to your promotions!

Have you ever received a card with sound, or a package with sound? Have you noticed the increasing presence of point of purchase displays with voice recorded promotions to engage you with the product and stop you as you walk by? We are willing to bet it made an impression on you. The greeting card surely became one of your favorites, the one you showed to friends and the one out of several you’ve received that you actually kept as a memento. If the talking display grabbed your attention as they ALWAYS do, you probably found yourself wanting to learn more about a product you may have otherwise walked right past.
Clever Sound Promotions’ customers have reported a 40% increase in response with the addition of sound modules to their promotional materials or point of purchase displays.
With a variety of sounds and sound modules to choose from, we specialize in individualized products and superior customer service to meet your needs.

Make an IMPACT!

Get in touch with us today to get started –we are available to help you create individualized products and are committed to working closely with you every step of the way.

Recently, we have collaborated with many businesses and individual projects including; providing sound modules for a press release kit, a corporate invitation with sound package, customized talking key chains for broadcasting and media outlets, direct mail sound enhanced business cards for medical groups, innovative talking mail tubes used to promote a major event and much more.

The possibilities are endless. While we focus mainly on corporate and small business promotions a small part of our business is dedicated to party and event planning. No matter the occasion; weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, baby showers etc. we can personalize musical greeting cards or use any sound of your choice to express personal sentiments, relay the important details and add that special touch. If you have an idea give us a call. We can’t wait to work with you!


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ANNOUNCING: New self programmable sound modules that go up to HIGH QUALITY 120 seconds in sound.

recordable sound module
recordable sound module
recordable sound module recordable sound module recordable sound module
recordable sound chip

cards with sound

Talking Mailing Tubes
Make them smile before they open the package! A fun item that can be used for any project, and are available with or without sound.
sound chips for greeting cards
sound chips for greeting cards
Talking Greeting Cards and Invitations.
Your clients will love these talking greeting card gems! They are cheaper than commercial cards, available in a variety of styles. Custom options also available.
custom audio greeting cards
custom audio greeting cards
Stock Talking Greeting Cards
We have some stock cards with sound – just add your business card.
custom audio greeting cards
custom audio greeting cards

Sound Modules

Add sound to your promotions and point of purchase displays.  Click ‘details’ to find out more.

custom audio greeting cards cards with sound cards with sound cards with sound
cards with sound

Here are just a few examples of recent projects we have completed:

Provided Sound Modules to a press release kit for a new TV show – started with ordering 2,000 slide tongue sound modules and were so happy with the results, they ordered 5,000 more!

Corporate invitation with sound for a party after a trade show – client got higher turnout than expected.

Radio Station used talking keychains to promote their station and brand.

Business Promotions that included a direct mail (greeting card with sound or business greeting card) for medical tests.  This project was such a success, they are doing it annually.

Talking Mailing Tubes used for promoting a golf event to potential well known golfers.  They inserted various promotional products within the tube, plus a creative 10 second message.

Fundraisers have used cards with sound to promote their events and have gotten a better than expected turnout which turned into more cash.

Political campaigns use cards with sound and talking cards to promote their candidates.

Wedding invitations, bar mitzvah invitations, anniversaries, other party invitations have used cards with sound and musical greeting cards – and also thank you notes with to their attendees.

Point of Purchase Displays using shelf talkers or voice boxes with sound which highlighted upcoming HBO shows.

Point of Purchase Display which we added sound for various pharmaceutical drugs or health information.