Top Sales Apps

Aug 10, 2012 by

Here are some apps to help you in your sales: 1.  Dropbox – Save your files to Dropbox and access them from anywhere.    First 2GB of storage space is free. 2.  Box – Like Dropbox, this is a file-sharing app that stores your data in the cloud.  For a single user, the app is free and provides 5GB to 50GB of storage. 3.  Scanner Pro – Turns your iPad or iPhone into a portable scanner.  Great for scanning receipts for tracking expenses, digitize business cards, convert handwritten text and graphics into digital copies in PDF format.    Consider using this along with Google Docs which can convert the scan into editable text.  This app also syncs with Dropbox.  Price $6.99. 4.  Keynote:  Create presentations with Keynote.  From your iPad, you can design your own templates...

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