5 Wackiest Summer Events and the Promotion Items that go along with them

Apr 2, 2012 by

ABC News and Trip Advisor compiled this list and we added some promotion ideas as well:


#5:  National Tom Sawyer Days, July 1-4, Hannibal, Missouri

This annual celebration of the works of Mark Twain includes events pulled straight from the pages of Twain tales.

PROMOTION PICK:  Paintbrushes and smocks for contestants who partake in the fence painting competition a la The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
#4:  World Championship Cardboard Boat Races, July 31, Heber Springs, Arkansas

Participants craft boats from corrugated cardboard and race them through a 200 yard course.

PROMOTION PICK:  Customized floaties.  Because, really, 200 yards is a long way for waterlogged cardboard to travel.
#3:  The Wayne Chicken Show, July 9-11, Wayne, Nebraska

This 3 day fowl-fest includes the world’s largest chicken dance, the best chicken legs competition and a hot wing eating contest.

PROMOTION PICK:  Rubber chicks.  Although chances are this crowd probably already has a few of these



#2:  Mid-Atlantic Hermit Crab Challenge, July 10, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hundreds of hermit crabs go claw to claw in the Crustacean 500 race on an 8 foot track of beach.

PROMOTION PICK:  Crabs of the plush variety.  They make cuddly keepsakes and won’t raise any eyebrows at the airport.



#1:  Barnesville Potato Days, August 27-28, Barnesville, Minnesota

Folks with a soft spot for spuds can partake in everything from mashed potato sculpting, potato-peeling contests and potato-sack fashion shows at this annual celebration.

PROMOTION PICK:  Potato scrubbers and peelers are a natural fit for this tater-loving bunch.


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