Frequently Asked Questions

Below are links to important documents to help you with your project.



Clever Sound Frequently Asked Questions FINAL 06152011 - Here are a list of commonly asked questions with answers to help your project become a success!



Clever-Sound-Art-Requirements-06152011 - These are the Art Specs for Cards with Sound.


Clever Sound AUDIO Information 2009- These are the audio specs.



Clever Waiver Form - please print this off and sign it when ordering sound modules only.



Clever Credit Card Authorization Form – please print this off and fill out and fax over when submitting an order.

Template for Pop Up 5 x 7 Card - NOTE:  There are complications with this card to make the sound module work properly.  DO NOT USE THIS TEMPLATE unless Clever Sound Promotions is printing and installing the module.     This has a pop up step in the middle.   If you would like an Adobe Illustrator file, please e-mail kibach@promoplace.com.



Template for Basic 5 x 7 Card – This is a basic 4 panel card for your Card with Sound – if you would like an Adobe Illustrator file, please e-mail kibach@promoplace.com.



Template of 3 Panel Card Part 1    Use these 2 templates for a 3 panel card where you will insert your module – this card is similar in look to the cards offered at greeting card stores.  Make sure you download both parts of this card.  If you require an Adobe Illustrator file, please contact us directly.Template for 3 Panel Card Part 2


ENVELOPES:  We offer plain white envelopes but should you like something unique, we recommend www.envelopemall.com - for a 5 x 7 card you would want a 5-1/4 x 7-1/4 envelope.  Many of our customers are in a hurry and like to prepare the envelopes on their own while we print and make the card.



Sound Module Installation for Greeting Cards

Below are links to some of our favorite promotions flip books – this might give you some additional ideas:

Flip Book for Creative Promotions - Many Items with sound


Points of Light 2014 Catalog