May 2012 Calendar of Hot Dates for Promotions

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May 2012


National Salsa Month – Celebrate more than 65 years of picante sauce.  Great promotions for restaurants and bars.  Consider happy hours and dinner events that include salsa.

Arthritis Awareness Month – Arthritis affects 50 million adults and 300,000 children.  During this month, the Arthritis Foundation hosts Arthritis Walks around the country to educate Americans.  Non profits might want to sponsor a fundraising walk.

Teen CEO Month – This month celebrates young entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Corporations might want to give incentives and recognition awards for the young superstars on staff.

Tennis Month – Sponsored by the United States Tennis Association, this month is about promoting the benefits of playing tennis.  Health care and tennis promotions are great for this month – promotional items include sports items and apparel.

7-13 Work at Home Moms Week – This week is the perfect time to set up a new moms program with hospitals and corporations.  Promotional items could include baby and spa products.

9 National School Nurse Day – This day focuses on fostering a better understanding of the role of school nurses in educational settings.   A great health care promotion for schools could be in order.

18 International Museum Day – This day prays tribute to museums around the world  Museums should consider awareness campaigns and special events.  Promotions that tap into the cultural market are in order here.

19-25 National Safe Boating Week – For outdoorsy and recreational companies, consider participating in events that help make the waterways safer for boaters, and you might want to start off with some first-aid kits.

26-28 Lobster Days – The New England lobster bake takes place on the banks of the Mystic River over Memorial Day Weekend.  10,000 people attend.  Rotaries and other clubs might want to plan a similar event in your area.

30 Hug Your Cat Day – Cats act as if they don’t want or need attention, but they do.  Aside from a hug, animal shelters, pet stores and groomers might want to reach out with cat treats, toys and appointment reminder magnets.

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