Point of Purchase Displays with Sound and Shelf Talkers now available

Dec 30, 2011 by

If you want to really get noticed, add sound to a point of purchase display. Picture a life size person with your message and when someone walks by, it talks to you. I’m sure you’ve seen halloween toys and others that have motion detection – but they really work well in stores. And if the stores do not have space for a point of purchase display with sound, then consider a shelf talker. The shelf talker clips on a shelf by your product and it can be activated by pushing a button (kids love pushing buttons) or a motion sensor. Our shelf talkers get up to 10,000 activations per battery pack. We have shelf talkers that can do multiple sounds, too. Visit our website point of purchase info at:


We also have a video on that page of how one of our customers created a unique point of purchase with sound piece.

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