New Creative Ideas

2015 Catalog with just SOME of the products we offer – click here and let us know what you are interested in.  We can get you better pricing than what is shown.  These are great for business promotions and corporate events.

Flip Book for Creative Promotions Many Items with sound

Points of Light 2016 Catalog


Here are a couple other items that might be of interest (we have 100s so just ask if you are looking for something special or want to brainstorm).

Below is just a short summary of some unique ideas for your marketing projects, including talking promotional materials:

Webkey Button

recordable sound module

Talking Keychains

talking keychain

Call 1-847-392-9600 for pricing information.


Talking Pens:  Here is a new line available but go to click to go to page to listen to programmed sounds.


Relax Calm Down Pen
Shown In Black
Man Laughing Pen
Shown In Blue
As Low As:
$ 2.98 (C)
Talking Pen
Shown In Black
As Low As:
$ 2.98 (C)
Laughing Pen
Shown In orange
Feel Great Talking Pen
Shown In Blue
Thank You Pen
Shown In Black
Goofy™ Popping Whistler Stress Reliever
Shown In peach
Our Service Rocks Talking Stress Reliever
Shown In yellow




Call 1-847-392-9600 for pricing information.

What Else?

Browse our catalog or contact us if you would like info on the following:

    • Light Up Pens – Tons of different types
    • Lighted Up Keychains
    • Designer Lighted Up Pens
    • Audio Tagline Keychains
    • Talking Magazine Inserts