POP with Sound

Add Sound to Your Point-Of-Purchase Displays!

Audio & Dimensional Standees

Add sound to a display – here’s a recent example of our sound box within a display done for TRP.

NOTE the HIGH QUALITY SOUND, the VOLUME (which you can adjust) and LENGTH of SOUND! 



Is your spokesperson, licensed character or celebrity speaking clearly and directly to your customers? Call us to help bring your message to life and give voice to your corporate messages and branding statements.

recordable sound chip

Voice Boxes

Include a voice box in a smaller display box. See Video at TOP OF PAGE.

Shelf Talker

recordable sound chip

The above is a Premium 10 Second Voice Box with a push button activation similar to the picture below.

recordable sound chipPremium 10 Second Voice Box with Motion Sensor

This is an excellent point of purchase programs for a shelf, table and/or wall. The premium Voice Boxes included with these displays can either be controlled with an on-board push button or by motion sensors.

Click here to see examples of Premium Voice Boxes.

Here are some other alternatives – we can e-mail you the specs and details of these models.

recordable sound chip


recordable sound chip

USB POP Box Pre 120 Sec with 3 BUTTONS




Contact us for more information about the above products – we have far too many to list here.