Sound Library

Sound Library

You can pick sound from our sound library OR you can provide us with a custom sound file – we prefer a *.wav file – but we can work with  mp3.  We cannot work with itune files.

We can even transfer sound from a youtube video.  We can assist you on this matter.

Also, you can find sound in any number of ways on the internet (see the FAQ section of website).

Also, consider a Celebrity Voice Impressionist, like Jim Lueck –For more info, click here.    There are some samples on that web page to give you some ideas.

Please click on the sound you wish to hearBELOW, and it should play on your computer, and make sure that your speakers are on. A few of the sounds are not available for sampling.  These sounds are indicated by (-).

NOTE:  If you are unable to click and hear the sounds, save the file (right click and SAVE AS)  on your computer and then open in an audio program.

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Classical Music


Contemporary Music & Dance



Go to – find a video with a soundound off (non-commercial and non-licensed only) and we can pull the sound off for you – just let us know where to start and end sound file.

Go to – there are people there that can record a sound file, compose a song, or do knock-offs.  Most are for just $5.


Here’s an example of one:


Here are samples of Elvis Presley Knockoffs that this Fiverr person can do:

Sample 1:

Sample 2: