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Here are some apps to help you in your sales:

1.  Dropbox – Save your files to Dropbox and access them from anywhere.    First 2GB of storage space is free.

2.  Box – Like Dropbox, this is a file-sharing app that stores your data in the cloud.  For a single user, the app is free and provides 5GB to 50GB of storage.

3.  Scanner Pro – Turns your iPad or iPhone into a portable scanner.  Great for scanning receipts for tracking expenses, digitize business cards, convert handwritten text and graphics into digital copies in PDF format.    Consider using this along with Google Docs which can convert the scan into editable text.  This app also syncs with Dropbox.  Price $6.99.

4.  Keynote:  Create presentations with Keynote.  From your iPad, you can design your own templates and add multimedia and graphics.  The app has 44 design templates called “themes”.  Cost:  $9.99

5.  MobileRSS – If you follow blogs and RSS feeds, use Mobile RSS to manage information coming your way.  It is a free app.

6.  LinkedIn:  Connects you to your prospects and you can join groups that can benefit your social networking.  Available on iPad and iPhones.

7.  YouTube for Mobile – You can browse YouTube videos and upload videos.  You can also record and upload DVD quality videos and share them.  Save videos of products or your services to show your prospects.  Free app.

8.  SnapCamera:  If you ever took a photo and wanted to add a label to it, but could not, it’s time to start using SnapCamera.  Snap a photo, write as many notes as you want, then move them with your finger and the picture is saved with the notes overlaid on it.  Price:  $1.99

9.  Yelp:  Yelp is known as a review site but it can allow you to see what a business is doing and what events it has coming up.

10.  Square:  If you take credit cards, this can be a great product for you.  This app will send you a small, one inch high device that plugs into your mobile device’s standard 3.5mm headphone mini-jack.  The reader, which is free, has a slot for you to swipe your customer’s credit card.  SquareUp charges a fee of 2.75% of how much you charge and accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

11.  GetPaid!:  This app produces professional PDF invoices and time sheets on your iPhone or iPad.  Cost $4.99

12.  Skype:  Talk on the phone via Skype for free with another skype user.  Also can video chat and has other uses.  Free app.

13.  Tweetdeck:  If you like to receive tweets, Tweetdeck allows a person to follow people, keep track of what’s been said and what’s been said about them, and schedule tweets.  Free app.

14.  Analytics for Google Apps:  This app helps you use Google Analytics to access traffic patters, visitors, and much more.  Free app.

15.  GoToMeeting:  Hold online conferences on the go with this app.  Send an e-mail invitation to clients and chat with them face to face while sharing presentations and other documents.  Free app.

16.  Kindle:  Sometimes you need to read a book, and this app can be put on your iPad or iPhone.  You can download from  your books and read from here.   This app is Free.

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